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Hometown Heroes: Shop Local


By Kelly Nicol

Messenger Editor

There have been multiple people come to me and express their thoughts on a post they saw on Facebook that stated: “Shop local because Amazon won’t sponsor your kid’s ball team.”

This statement has never rang more true than the past couple of weeks in Houston County.

We have several area youth softball and baseball teams that are going off to state tournaments in hopes to return with a state title, and local businesses were challenged to help fund these girls’ and boys’ dreams to go represent our town; and as always, local business stepped up big time.

In talking with the area teams’ coaches and parents, ALL the local teams have done very well in their efforts to raise money and it was all due to the support of local businesses. This really doesn’t surprise me though, this has been the case for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s a youth athletic organization, a firework’s display for the community, a local disaster, or any other need, it’s always the local businesses that step up and take care of our needs.

In light of all that the local business does, I encourage you to support them. Next time you need something and are about to click “BUY,” think about the support your local businesses give and go out and buy it locally. It may cost you a little more, but you should consider that an investment in your community. The money you spend locally can passed on through our town and benefit us all.

This is what makes our community great, it’s why we live here. We know our local business owners. Our children go to school together. We go to church together. We pass each other on the street and say hello and ask about each other’s family. We are a strong community, and as long as we stay together, we will all prosper in the good times and survive in the worst of times. These are the things that make small town life so enjoyable to us all.

To our local businesses: On behalf of all the children that you have all so generously supported, I would like to give a heart felt thanks to you all. I would also like to make a pledge to shop in your businesses and to buy locally if at all possible, and would like to encourage others to do the same.