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Crockett: A Place to Call Home


City Council Approves New Motto

By Sarah Naron

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – The Crockett City Council approved a new motto to be placed on the elevated water storage tanks on the east and southwest sides of town.

“This does not change the city’s logo and/or slogan until council wants to change that through the charter,” said City of Crockett Administrator John Angerstein. “This right here is just…anything else that council wants to give as a message to the public passing through Crockett.”

As Precinct 3 Councilman Ernest Jackson pointed out, Crockett’s current motto, “Paradise in the Pines,” has been used for many years, but a new motto may be a good idea as the city looks “to be innovative and to lure people coming in this city.”

Among the options presented to the council by Angerstein, Jackson showed favor toward “Crockett: A Place to Call Home.”

Jackson expressed the belief that the new motto might draw passerbys considering relocation to think, “Well, maybe I need to look at this city and really consider Crockett a place to call home.

“We want to promote that, I think, as we move forward,” said Jackson. “We’d like to see it (Crockett) become home for a lot more (people).”

Crockett Mayor Joni Clonts suggested relocating the “Paradise in the Pines” motto which currently adorns the towers to a road sign at the entrance of the town.

“We’ve talked about replacing the signs when you’re coming into town,” she pointed out. “Maybe on one of them, we could do one that says ‘Crockett: Paradise in the Pines.’”

Clonts also suggested using another option presented to the council – “All Roads Lead to Crockett” – on another sign welcoming travelers along one of the major highways into town.

A motion was made, seconded and carried by the members of the council to adopt “Crockett: A Place to Call Home” as the new face of the storage tower located on the east side of town near Walmart on Loop 304 East.

According to Angerstein, officials with the Crockett Independent School District have requested that the southwest tower, which overlooks the campus, bear, “Crockett: Home of the Bulldogs” with an image of the school’s mascot. A motion was made, seconded and carried by the council to grant this request.

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