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Readers Share Their Valentine’s Day ‘Sweetest’ and ‘Funniest’ Memories


By Cheril Vernon
Messenger Copy Editor

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we asked our readers via the Messenger Facebook page if they would share with us their “sweetest” or “funniest” Valentine’s Day memories.

We received responses that ranged from a single mom’s best Valentine’s Day present, a romantic wedding proposal, special family Valentine’s Day gatherings, a promise ring surprise, a super-sweet gesture and a story involving a squirrel.

Each person who provided a memory for this story was entered into a contest to win one of three sets of four tickets to Schlitterbahn. The three winners will be contacted by The Messenger on Thursday.

Here are the “sweetest” and “funniest” Valentine’s Day entries we received:

• The sweetest Valentine’s Day memory I have was almost 21 years ago. I was a young single mom and gave birth on Feb. 14, 1996. I was so worried about what my dad was going to think about my baby boy. I waited anxiously for him to get to the hospital to meet Hunter for the first time. He walked in with a dozen yellow roses. He laid his eyes on my red-headed baby boy and absolutely melted. He fell in love and has never looked back. The look on my dad’s face made every single doubt I ever had about my past and my future fade away. Today, Hunter and his Poppa are still best friends. The love they share is undeniable. It is a love that reminds me of God’s unconditional love for His children. This has been the best Valentine’s Day gift we could ever receive.

– Melanie

• Last Valentine’s Day I was in Bologna, Italy with my boyfriend, his friend, and his friend’s girlfriend. It was beautiful and freezing cold and raining.

He had disappeared for a little bit the day before with his buddy and so the other girl and I explored Downtown Bologna a little bit.

I was completely unsuspecting, but I woke up and he had a box in his hand with a little white bow. He’s a goober so instead of the whole, “Will you marry me?,” I got a, “Here you go, I love you.”

Now because of that morning, I will forever have a special place in my heart for Bologna.

– Britt

• Every year all of us grandkids go over to my grandparents’ house to have our own special Valentines’. My grandpa grills out the steaks and shrimp while my grandma and aunts and the rest of kids are making cookies, cupcakes and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Since I moved two hours away, I haven’t been able to make it to every single one. But I was able to be home for it last year and brought my boyfriend.

It was our first Valentine’s Day as a couple but it was more special since I still got to spend it with my grandparents too. It was my best Valentine memory because everyone (except for my parents) that I love and care about were all in the same room.

– Nikki

• Last year, I got surprised after our trip to San Antonio with a promise ring from my boyfriend (now my husband) along with balloons, flowers, and candy. He’s too good to me.

– Elizabeth

• My most unforgettable Valentine’s Day is: Using the bathroom, minding my own business, I heard a plump, then splash, LOL. Knowing I didn’t do that LOL, I got up to look at toilet. Low and behold there is a squirrel sitting on the toilet seat. I got so scared I ran out of the bathroom and the squirrel ran into our shower. I was screaming, forgetting we had a houseful of people, family.

They all come running in asking “What’s wrong.” I was trying to talk. I went to peek in the bathroom.

The squirrel ran out of the bathroom into our closet and I ran and jumped on our bed. No one saw it and when I finally was able to tell them that there was a squirrel that came up from the toilet, instead of looking for it everyone was laughing LOL!

Needless to say, they got the squirrel out of the closet and released him outside. LOL! –

— Angie