Home Columnist Horace McQueen – Presidential Election Like No Other..thank goodness!

Horace McQueen – Presidential Election Like No Other..thank goodness!


When Ms. Clinton, the Democratic candidate for president, said half of Trump supporters are in a “basket of deplorables” it made the news big-time. Lots of folks are still trying to figure out what she meant—and why. Well, it’s simple—she detests those real Americans who work for a living, pay their taxes and raise their kids to honor their parents and obey the laws of the land. Her “plan” calls for bigger government, more taxes and an educational system that stifles the dreams of those students who are achievers. If Mr. Trump would pull his head out, and surround himself with competent advisors, his campaign would benefit. There is no one person—Trump, Clinton, Cruz or Sanders that could come close to running this country alone.

Then there is our President—who gallivants over the globe telling other leaders that he is the only one who has the answers. But, it seems those other world leaders are just are not listening. At least when this election is over in November Mr. Obama hopefully will retire to someplace where his voice will not be continually heard voicing praise for the Muslim world and downgrading Christians. There are many of us in Texas who would certainly entertain a motion to vote on continuing our “relationship” with 49 other states—or go it alone as a separate nation.

Back at home, the cattle market continues its decline. All this taking place while beef packer profits are sky high and grocery store prices are not coming down. Lots of folks offer their two cents worth as to why cattle are cheapening up. One told me that it was the price of corn—too high, he said, for feedlot owners to make a profit. Bull—corn is priced at around $3 a bushel—compared to $6 a short time ago. The foolish, money-grubbing politicians are still calling for more corn-derived ethanol to be put in our gasoline. Ethanol refineries in the U.S. are full up—and much of what is produced is being sold to other countries. But the folks in the know blame the commodity traders for the lower prices. These speculators make their living trading on cattle contracts that exist only on paper. These traders wouldn’t know a calf from a monkey but they determine what we are paid for our cattle! That’s –30—horace7338@live.com